Drawing from over a century of collective experience in the digital industry, we have partnered with numerous freelancers, agencies, and technology providers to recognize the importance of enlisting the appropriate human resources to achieve our objectives. Our extensive experience and long-term collaborations have compelled us to reassess our pricing policy and create a comprehensive range of hourly fees, contingent on the requested service. Our clients have access to a pool of low-cost, managed freelancers, as well as industry-renowned professionals. We firmly believe that this is the most practical and cost-effective method for executing a digital transformation plan within a realistic budget.


Service Price
Content editing CHF 70/hour
Content marketing CHF 100/hour
Content research CHF 35/hour
Content structuring CHF 70/hour
Credema coding CHF 180/hour
Credema consulting CHF 180/hour
Credema work CHF 150/hour
Data analysis CHF 100/hour
Data cleansing CHF 35/hour
Data entry CHF 15/hour
Data management CHF 70/hour
Data strategy CHF 280/hour
Design services CHF 70/hour
Email marketing CHF 100/hour
Marketing automation CHF 150/hour
Programming CHF 70/hour
Project management CHF 100/hour
Sales automation CHF 150/hour
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) CHF 100/hour
Server management CHF 100/hour
SMM (Social Media Management) CHF 100/hour
Translation services CHF 100/hour