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CREDEMA CRM is a Swiss-based provider of Complete Contact Relationship Management (CRM) software, designed to help businesses achieve their online business objectives. With an integrated set of technologies and tools, the CREDEMA platform enables businesses to manage customer interactions, streamline marketing and sales processes, and enhance customer engagement.

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What is Credema?

A Software And A Service

For Small and Medium Businesses

CREDEMA CRM’s Software And A Service solution offers SMBs the advantage of having a partner who not only provides a powerful CRM software solution but also related expert services. By outsourcing these services to CREDEMA, SMBs can focus on their core business activities without worrying about the technical details of CRM implementation and maintenance. This enables SMBs to optimize their resources and achieve their business objectives faster and more efficiently.


Empower your growth with our marketing software that enables you to increase website traffic, boost conversions, and efficiently run comprehensive inbound marketing campaigns on a larger scale.

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Discover our Sales CRM software that offers deeper insights into prospects, streamlines tedious tasks, and accelerates your sales cycle for closing deals faster.

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Customer Service

Experience exceptional customer service with our software designed to connect with your customers, exceed their expectations, and turn them into enthusiastic promoters, helping your business grow.

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Our content management software offers the perfect balance of flexibility for marketers, power for developers, and a personalized, secure experience for customers.

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Streamline your operations by seamlessly syncing your apps, efficiently cleans and curates your customer data, and automates your processes to ensure your systems and teams work together flawlessly.

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Our support software is thoughtfully crafted to simplify your customer support operations while fostering team collaboration. With a host of robust features, our software is designed to elevate your support game.

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CREDEMA CRM’s Software And A Service solution provides SMBs with a powerful CRM software solution and expert services. By outsourcing these services to CREDEMA, SMBs can focus on their core business activities and optimize their resources to achieve their business objectives efficiently.

CREDEMA provides SMBs with CRM software and services to help achieve their business objectives. Our software is tailored to small teams, with marketing and sales arguments to support their success.