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Give your clients the Help Desk experience they want, but on a more personal level

The customer experience is everything. Are you providing the best service possible?

Ticketing (or issue tracking) helps manage your customer support team and ensures the best service to your leads and clients. Assign tickets, create and manage teams and ticket categories, manage internal and client-facing responses, and track issues easily from one dashboard. Providing great customer service doesn’t get any easier.

Timely, professional support

Great customer support is about making sure all of your customers’ issues are taken care of in an effective and timely manner. Credema’s ticketing system lets you easily track customer issues and make sure no support requests slip by or go unanswered. Track response time and results through realtime reporting.

Unlimited ticketing and unlimited automation

Create unlimited ticket forms with different categories for each issue or inquiry, trigger automatic follow-ups, review ticket history, and assign tickets to the appropriate team members. Credema’s ticketing platform is great for any support or customer service team, no matter the size.

Ticketing helps your business communicate better with customers while running a more organized and service-oriented organization. When you have a lot going on, and not a lot of people to manage it, ticketing becomes a necessary element in organizing, managing, and learning about your clients.