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Showcase your content with the public asset Library

The Asset Library is a central location on your website to gather and present assets in one central location, empowering your visitors to access the information they want when they want it. Share PDFs, like case studies, brochures, ebooks, and more with your leads and clients. Generate leads, showcase content, and offer your contacts an easy way to download your resources.

The Asset Library, available with all active subscriptions, can be an unlimited collection of PDF files from your Media Library and can be hosted on any website for public consumption.

Types of content:
  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Documents
  • Articles
Top ways to use the Asset Library
  • Content libraries
  • Lead generation
  • Document libraries

Embed your library on webpages

Your public Asset Library houses PDFs for your website visitors to view and download. Create endless Asset Libraries to showcase your ebooks, whitepapers, how-to’s, case studies, documents, and more. Once created, the Asset Library is easily embedded into your websites and each PDF is presented in a customizable tile format. Your site visitors can then click on a tile to preview and download the resource.

Gate your content for lead generation

With the Asset Library, you can ‘gate’ content by first showing a limited preview. ‘Gating’ your content allows you to request contact information in exchange for full access to the file(s). Limiting the amount of content visitors can view gives incentive to provide their contact information to see the rest of a document, article, case study, etc. This is what makes the Asset Library a great feature to generate new leads and build your top of funnel.

automation & the asset Library

Just like our other features, you can attach automation to your Asset Library. Trigger a workflow when someone views or downloads your content. Automatically send a confirmation email and add a contact to a group based on the action they take in your Asset Libraries.