Maximize your reach by engaging leads through personalized text messages.

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Credema CRM includes integrated call management and mobile marketing solutions to help you connect, engage, and convert your contacts where they spend most of their time – their phones! Our robust tools include inbound and outbound call management, text marketing, click-to-call, voice messages, and more.

Inbound & outbound call management

The conversations you have with your customers are priceless. So is the experience they have when calling your business. With Credema CRM’s inbound call management, you can easily create multiple phone trees, use logic to forward calls to the right people, transcribe and record calls, and set up automation around any incoming calls.

Call Management & Mobile Marketing CRM Credema

Inbound call management with Credema includes:

  • Phone trees
  • Text-to-speech menus
  • Logic-based call forwarding
  • Automation
  • Transcription & recording capabilities

*Credema has built-in, seamless integration for calls and messaging through Twilio. Please note that call and message rates may apply and are subject to change.

Mobile marketing

Send your marketing messages directly to your contact via text. Schedule multiple promotions or send a one-time message – the choice is yours and only takes a few minutes to set up. Track your mobile marketing efforts, automate your efforts based on your responses, and automatically grow your list with SMS opt-in capabilities.


Credema’s click-to-call feature allows your team to easily call your contact right from your CRM contact dashboard. You can leave automated messages or record live conversations. All conversations are added and saved to your CRM automatically for future reference.

Voice Broadcasting

Reach your contacts in innovative new ways with Voice Broadcasting. Upload an MP4 or use the text-to-speech option to broadcast any message to your contacts. Once sent, your contacts receive a personalized voice message to their phones. This is a great way to engage contacts and remind them about events, special offers, updates, and more.