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Build custom websites with Credema‘s website builder

Your website is the foundation for any digital marketing strategy. Credema’s website builder lets you design and publish a fully functional website.

With Credema’s website builder, you can:

  • Build a fully responsive & mobile-friendly website
  • Build landing pages
  • Build a membership site & portal
  • Build a fully functional ecommerce website
  • Integrate your online store with Shopify
  • Personalize website content based on CRM data
  • Test different landing pages & content
  • Optimize page performance with realtime reports
  • Integrate calendars, events, and more!

Select your template, customize your logos, colors, layout, and widgets. Once you have the design in place, you can add as many pages as needed. When you build your website with Credema, your website is automatically tracked and you will receive real time analytics and notifications for people clicking or visiting your site.

Improve your campaigns with landing pages

Use our drag-and-drop EasyBuilder to design professional, customized landing pages for all of your campaigns. Personalize each page with content specific to your audience. Add signup forms, booking calendars, event registrations, and more using our easy-to-install widgets. Plus, A/B test your pages to find out which are your besft performing pages and content.

Improve the customer experience with personalization

You can easily customize the content of any webpage built in Credema using data stored in your CRM. From adding their first name to complex personalizations like past purchases, events attended, and more, there are endless ways to speak directly to your customers.

Free SSL security

An SSL certificate is a cornerstone to making your website secure. We are proud to offer free SSL security for all custom domain websites set up in Credema. Making your website secure ensures that your customer’s credit cards and personal information are protected when they visit your e-commerce site. SSL certificates promote a trusted brand with the usage of visible browser security lock.

With Credema, you can save approximately $79/year and get a feature that is rarely offered elsewhere!

Sell more with an online store (& our Shopify Integration)

Build an online storefront with Credema! Set up marketing automation, set sales goals, and keep a complete transaction log. You can even sell downloadable items like whitepapers, courses, and more. It’s all here for you.

We integrate with Paypal, Stripe, and for easy and integrated online payments. Use our shopping cart abandonment tool to follow up when customers leave their carts.

Are you a Shopify user? Credema integrates with Shopify to bring you seamless integration between your Shopify store and your CRM and marketing automation.

Membership site building

Build fully functional membership sites and portals with Credema. Automatically assign logins, provide passwords, customize membership site pages, and more.

Credema’s membership management includes:

  • Membership-focused site templates
  • Dynamic login redirects, forgot password automation, along with login delivery & password reminders
  • Automated membership registration
  • Easy-to-use membership payment implementation options
  • And so much more!

Are you a Shopify user? Credema integrates with Shopify to bring you seamless integration between your Shopify store and your CRM and marketing automation.