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Customize your CRM activities

Your CRM should act as a second brain. It should track all touchpoints with leads and customers while positively impacting the customer relationship. Every business is different and your CRM activities should reflect your specific process. With Credema, you can create customized CRM activities that are specific to your business strategy.

Unlimited ways to manage, track, and engage your contacts

With Credema, there are so many ways to customize your CRM and contact records. You can use workflows to automatically add CRM activities, complete CRM activities, and assign activities to specific team members. Each activity can be a single task or a series of tasks. Update notes, log calls, assign follow-ups, input meetings, and so much more.

CRM activities are a great way to effectively manage relationships and ensure that every contact is getting a customized experience.

CRM activities keep your team on track and create consistency in your process.

Understand customer relationships with CRM activity reporting

Analytics are everything when measuring performance, success, and everything in between. Credema makes it simple to see how well your sales team is achieving with activity reporting. Running CRM Activity reports will give you insight into team performance, overdue and completed activities, and the most popular types of activities being performed. In a few steps, Credema makes it straightforward to import and export these activities so you can utilize them however you wish.