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In-Depth Analytics to Drive Sales

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Game-changing analytics to help you sell more

Credema is full of reports to help you analyze your customers and your sales and marketing strategies. Our in-depth reports allow you to get a full picture of who your leads and customers are and how they move through your sales process.

Use our robust contact filtering options to create contact segments to help you define your audience and create accurate buyer personas. These segments allow you to execute personalized customer journeys that speak to specific segments of your audience. Better, more accurate segmentation leads to higher close rates and overall customer satisfaction.

Pull customer reports to better understand your conversions

It’s important to understand where your sales come from and who your customers are. Both sales and marketing can use any of our in-depth reports to gain valuable insights into sales conversions, customer attributes, and more. Access hundreds of reports with filters based on group segments, contact demographics, and behavior patterns.

Some reports you can pull include:

  • # of Conversions
  • Conversions by campaigns
  • Conversions values
  • Conversions based on data fields
  • Data field reports
  • So much more!