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Lead scoring helps you identify sales-ready leads

Take the guesswork out of lead qualification with Credema’s lead scoring tools. Automatically assign scores to your contacts when they engage with your brand. Whether they are downloading an ebook, perusing your website, responding to a survey, replying to an email campaign, meeting with sales, or attending an event, you can give each contact scores based on both their behavioral and demographic data.

The higher the score, the more sales-ready the lead is and the more likely to convert. For example, if a lead visits your pricing page, requests a demo, and attends a webinar, you can determine they are further down your funnel and ready to purchase.

Lead scoring makes you more efficient

Lead scoring helps you identify your more sales-ready and qualified leads. You can score your leads based on demographic data like title, industry, location, revenue, etc. You can also score them based on their touchpoints, such as opening an email, attending a webinar, downloading an ebook, and more. All of this data gives you a clear picture of who your leads and customers are and how far they are in your funnel.

Identifying your hot leads allows you to spend more time on sales-ready leads resulting in higher conversion rates.

Lead scoring automation & cold lead scoring

Credema’s powerful integration allows you to automate actions based on lead scores. For example, you can trigger email sequences, follow-ups, and more when a contact reaches a specific score threshold. The same is true for negative lead scoring. When a lead does not engage with your brand or takes a negative action, such as unsubscribing or writing a negative review, you can take away points. If a lead hits a specific negative score threshold, you can trigger a follow up or workflow to get them on the right track.

Credema also helps you identify leads who haven’t interacted with you for an extended period of time. Set up automation or alerts to help you manage and re-engage with those leads who have gone cold.

Because Credema’s intelligent CRM (and therefore our automation tools) are integrated, you can measure the impact of contact data combined with activity data (for example, website visits, email reads or clicks, or support tickets). All of this information is no longer something to be feared – we collate it all for you in a meaningful way that affects your top and bottom line!