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Become the gold standard of business intelligence with predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics, or PA, is the total of all historical, social, transactional, behavioral, and other data that make predictions about future conversions. Predictive Analytics correlate activities and behaviors of past converters and apply them to those currently in your funnel. This is a total game changer for your business and acts like a crystal ball, except a lot more detailed, and a lot less mystical. The data you get from PA is black and white—it gives you reliable information not only about your leads but also your sales efforts.

Small to medium sized businesses everywhere are starting to implement predictive analytics and advanced marketing strategies in general to gain more foresight into how their clients could possibly act in the future.

Any data-driven business relies on the information they collect to make well-informed decisions. A predictive analytics tool is built directly into every GreenRope account, so you can use customer data to deepen relationships and focus on the leads most likely to convert. We give you all of the powerful tools you need to help engage leads and customers, increase conversions, and drive revenue.

Here are just a few reasons you should implement Predictive Analytics, and how you, too, can start implementing it into your overall strategy:

  • Focus sales people on those leads ready to convert
  • Help your marketing team create customer/relevant content for those that are still in the nurturing phase
  • Get a better idea of your pipeline and the journey a lead goes through from start to finish
  • Determine which processes are effective and fine tune those that aren’t
  • Enhance the customer experience by knowing exactly where your leads are in the pipeline
  • Increase revenue