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Integrating your website with Credema is easy and provides you with valuable insights into how your leads and customers move through your website and engage with your brand.

If your site is created in Credema, we will automatically track your website. If you have an external website, all you have to do is place our tracking code on your website (any website platform is compatible) or use our WordPress plugin to start getting all of your website traffic data in your CRM.

Why do web analytics & CRM need to be integrated?

Integrated CRM and web analytics means you get to see how specific contacts in your CRM move around your website. In realtime, see what pages they visit, forms they submit, links they click, and more. All of this information is stored in their contact record. Using this information, you can trigger automated follow-ups, notifications for your sales teams, personalized emails, etc.

The ability for you to create personalized and high converting sales and marketing outreach depends on your ability to track specific details surrounding your website visitors.

Fully loaded Website Tracking

Not only does Credema track specific contacts in your CRM as they visit your website, our website tracking gives you in-depth analytics on your website visitors, top referrers, top pages & content, conversions, and locations.

Credema’s website tracking includes:

  • Realtime notifications when contacts are actively on your website
  • In-depth visitor tracking for both known and unknown contacts
  • Month by month comparisons
  • Top referrers, traffic sources, & pages
  • Page scores to measure interest and engagement
  • Conversion tracking
  • Campaign tracking
  • ISP tracking
  • Google Analytics integration.

GDPR compliance tools

Credema provides tools that you can use in your GDPR compliance strategy. We have an easy-to-install, customizable cookie acceptance widget that you can place on your website.

We provide this widget for your convenience and do not guarantee its placement will fulfill any legal requirements you may have related to informing your website visitors about how you collect and use data about them. This widget may also satisfy other legal requirements for notifying website visitors, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), but we do not warrant that it will.

Please review your privacy policy to ensure you adequately explain how you collect and use data from your website.

Website & Landing Page Builder

GreenRope has a website and landing page builder that you can use to design professional and fully integrated single-page or multi-page sites.

Click here to learn more about our website builder.

A/B testing

Along with our website builder, Credema offers A/B testing tool to help you test and measure content and campaign effectiveness. Click here to learn more.